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Halong Carnival 2023 to be held during Reunification Day holiday

The Ha Long Carnival 2023 is going to take place in Ha Long city during the five-day Reunification Day holiday. Tourists coming to Halong Bay will be dazzled by colorful and bustling atmosphere of carnival festival.

The carnival aims at promoting Ha Long, home to the world heritage site Ha Long Bay, as a safe, friendly and attractive destination.

The highlight of Halong Carnival is joyous street parades with variety of colorful costumes and dance on wide streets along the coast.

Moreover, a laser, sound and water performance combining with a sparkling aerial firework show is an amazing party of light and color which tourists shouldn’t miss at the festival. 

Halong Carnival 2023 is the heart of the series of events within the schedule of Halong Tourism Week, which is featured with various cultural and sport activities.

By Phuong Loan

Source: Quang Ninh News – – March 14, 2023